Racetech 009 Series

Superior comfort and support make this the quintessential driver’s seat. Adjustable, removable back and base cushions allow hassle-free customization.

RT4009 Standard size, FIA approved
RT4009W Wide size, FIA approved
RT4009HR Standard size, FIA approved
RT4009WHR Wide size, Head restraint, FIA approved
RT4009WTHR Wide-tall size, Head restraint



  • FIA 8855-1999 Homologation (most seats)
  • Variety of sizes and models to suit everyone
  • Removable back and base cushions
  • Parallel sides and micro-adjust bosses
  • Shell weight from 8.5kg

The seat is AWESOME! It won twice this year and was in contention every other time…LOL I love Racetech seats! I was once a die-hard OMP seat guy but not anymore!

John Carey, BMW E36 pilot
Integrated Head Restraint

The 270 degree head restraint reduces lateral or oblique head movement, especially during impacts, greatly reducing strain on neck and reducing the chances of a basilar skull fracture.

Moulded Base Cushion

Keep your legs comfortably spaced and with this contoured foam cushion. Velcro fastening means that you can easily remove the cushion if you prefer to lower your centre-of-gravity and sit directly on the seat shell for a more commanding feel of the chassis beneath you.

FIA 8855-1999 Homologation

The seat is FIA 8855-1999 approved and has a 5 year lifetime. The silver hologram is an anti-counterfeit method and is applied in the Racetech manufacturing plant on completion of the seat. Note: The RT4009THR, RT4009WTHR and RT9009HR models are not FIA homologated.

Micro-adjust Bosses

Racetech 009 series seats come exclusively with four mounting bosses per side. These bosses are spaced by 90mm allowing height adjustment increments of just 10mm as opposed to 20mm on most other seats on the market.

Model Material FIA 8855 A B C D E F G Mount Width Shell Weight Total Weight
RT4009 Fibreglass Composite Yes 57 60 37 48 52 86 65 40 8.5 11.0
RT4009W Fibreglass Composite Yes 59 60 41 50 52 86 65 44 8.5 11.3
RT4009HR Fibreglass Composite Yes 57 60 37 48 53 86 65 40 8.7 11.4
RT4009WHR Fibreglass Composite Yes 60 60 42 51 53 86 65 44 9.5 11.6
RT4009WTHR Fibreglass Composite No 60 66 42 51 53 91 71 44 9.9 12.1
      dimensions in cm weights in kg

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