Racetech Lowback Series

Racetech offer the innovative Lowback series as a solution for boats, kit cars and custom-shop fabricators. Using the established 1000 and 4000 seat we remove the head support making this series ideal for fitting into low cabins or as an alternative for classic cars where FIA homologation is not required. The Cobra seat is a little different, and was originally designed for use in AC Cobra replicas. The Cobra is base-mounted, alleviating the need for side brackets.

RT1000LBHG Standard size, harness guides
RT4000WLB Wide size
RT4000WXLB Extra wide size
RTCOBRA Standard size, base mounted



  • Lowback geometry suits open-top vehicles
  • A variety of models and sizes to suit
  • Lightweight; shell weight from just 3.7kg
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Suede Wear Patches

Suede leather wear patches are sewn into those areas on the seat which can wear over time with regular use, especially during entry and exit of the seat. The grippy nature of the leather also helps to hold the driver’s body in place.

Model Material FIA 8855 A B C D E F G Mount Width Shell Weight Total Weight
RT1000LBHG Fibreglass Composite No 47 N/A 39 48 49 61 N/A 41 4.3 5.9
RT4000WLB Fibreglass Composite No 46 N/A 39 56 49 62 N/A 41 4.2 5.7
RT4000WXLB Fibreglass Composite No 48 N/A 43 59 49 62 N/A 46 4.4 6.0
RTCOBRA Fibreglass Composite No 52 N/A 41 51 52 54 N/A N/A 3.7 5.1
      dimensions in cm weights in kg

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